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  Membership Renewal SNAFU

Subject: 2023 Membership


Good Morning Legion Leaders,


In this email I’m laying out some important issues concerning the start of the 2023 membership year and it is very IMPORTANT THAT YOU REACH OUT TO POSTS IN YOUR COUNTY and make them aware of these issues.

Members are receiving their 2023 RENEWAL NOTICE * on the reverse side of the notice there is printed a replica of their 2023 membership card. Every members’ card reads 1 year in the Cont. Years Member box.  Also
on the front of the Renewal Notice, it says, “MEMBER SINCE 2022”.   This is a programming error.  In what we have seen so far the actual membership cards have been printed with the correct years.  Understandably, this has upset members when they see this incorrect number.. .  Please reassure them that their years are correct & to disregard that info on the Renewal Notice * it was an error.  IF CARDS ARE NOT CORRECT, BE SURE TO CORRECT.
National printed cards for members who were noted as DECEASED last year.  The Post Membership Team can mail those cards to Trenton HQ if they wish – but no other action needs to be taken.
Gender (MALE/FEMALE) have not been noted on the preprinted cards.  Again NO ACTION NEEDS to be taken by the Post Membership Team.
We are aware & have advised National that the ZIP codes on the membership cards were printed without the first digit ( 0 – zero ) – NJ was printed with 4 digit zip codes.  Renewal Notices were printed correctly.
No Green Bar roster sheets.  Wrapped with the cards are instructions for the posts to follow  to download their 2023 roster.  If posts cannot yet do this because of IT, please at the County level do a “Buddy Check” and help the posts out.
National Notification of Post/Squadron Commanders & Adjutants is also wrapped with the membership cards.  It is extremely important that all posts complete this info and submit the form to us.  It is the POST ADJUTANT who is authorized to access info on   If the Post Adjutant needs assistance, the Adjutant should call 833.253.9995.


Again, I appreciate all your efforts in “getting this info out to the posts”.  Please do not hesitate to phone me if there is anything I can do to help us move beyond these issues.  Everything is fixable.


Have an awesome day * Tricia