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Greeting Fellow Legionnaires,

As I enter my second year as Commander, the coronavirus pandemic has touched every part of our nation and has rapidly changed how we go about our daily lives.

As we try to resume some sort of normalcies in our lives, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Burlington County American Legion for again bestowing such a prestigious honor to serve the entire Burlington County American Legion family for the 2020-2021 years.

I have been a member of the American Legion for 20 years. I joined the Army National Guard in 1984, where I completed my Basic Training and AIT at Fort Dix NJ.  I joined the Army the Army Reserves in 1985 and served with 223rd Transportation Company for 12 years (1996). In 1998 I rejoined the PA National Guard in the 28th Division 104th Calvary station in Philadelphia PA.  In 2001 I deployed to Bosnia with the PA National Guard in support SFOR 12 (NATO’s Stabilization Force 12) and returned in 2002. I have been a member of Post 509 in Westhampton New Jersey for 16 years, served as Sergeant at Arms for two years, Post JR Vice for 2 years and Post Commander for 2 years. I now serve as Activities Chairman for my post.  I have also served as the Burlington County JR Vice for two years, and SR Vice for one year.

 One of my goals 2019-2020 was to unite the American Legion Posts in Burlington County in prospect of a joint participation in the activities and principal business of this organization.   I think that goal was met, but we will push higher in 2020-2021.

Our nation is going through a CORONA-19 VIRUS PANDEMIC like I have never seen in my lifetime.   As of this date May 15, 2020 we lost over 80.00 Americans to the coronavirus.  Many of our military veterans have passed away in Veterans nursing homes, and we will always keep them in our heart forever.

My FUND-RAISING goals for the 2019-2020 years are partly hampered by spread by the CORONAVIRUS-19 PANDEMIC; Fund-Raising goals were not met at all.  I am asking of post commanders for support on this goal as we follow the guidelines put in place for the CONRONAVIRUS-19, including SOCIAL DISTANCES, AND MASK WEARING IN ORDER to keep each other safe during the CORONAVIRUS-19 PANDEMIC. I need all Post Commanders to work alongside of the Burlington County JR. Vice-Commander as she launches Fund Raisers for Burlington County.  I am also requesting that all posts who can donate to the county with any extra funds. Please write a check and send it to the finance officer.

 Finally, my Commander Project and Goal, is to assist veterans whose remains have been held in funeral homes for years finally get permanent burial places. Therefore, I will be following all guidelines associated with the CORONAVIRUS-19 when working with the MISSION OF HONOR as my project.  My goal is to raise $4000.  Every Veteran in Burlington County that served this country giving the ultimate sacrifice should be able to be interred with honors and full amenities.

For God and Country,

Lorenzo J. North



                                                     Burlington County Commander

American Legion County Commander
Lorenzo North 
(Post 509)