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My Commander's Project -  the Veteran advocacy non-profit group Ma Deuce Deuce


​we set out to find other organizations that provided an outlet to unload post-traumatic stress. We quickly became a hub to connect veterans with restorative resources at no cost to them. Our common objective is to help restore the hearts of veterans facing depression, anxiety, stress and isolation, suicidal thoughts, and trauma from post-traumatic stress disorder

Burlington County Commander 2024-2025

Acey L. Wilburn II

Acey earned his American Legion eligibility through his service in the U.S. Air Force (16 years) and Air Force Reserve (10 years), where he served as an Aircraft Structural Maintenance Craftsmen for 26 years. He currently works at JB MDL as the Civilian Section Chief of the 305th MXS Aircraft Structural Maintenance Section. He has one son currently serving in the U.S. Air Force as an Aerospace Propulsion Specialist. Acey has been a Paid-for-Life member of American Legion Post 294 in Pemberton, NJ for 14 years and has served as Burlington County Sr. Vice Commander, Burlington County Jr. Vice Commander, Post 294 Commander, and several other Post 294 positions over the course of his tenure

                                                     Burlington County Commander


American Legion County Commander
Acey Wilburn (Post294)